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We care deeply about inspiring loyalty and retaining the people who work for us. We want to motivate them and boost their happiness…


Founder, Digis

Work takes up a lot of time, time is personal, and so your work has to be personal to you.



We need to make room to take a chance on people. I like working with people who want to serve; who are not self-serving. I admire people who train people and watch them fly, without any sense of envy or resentment.



It’s not an easy job opening up a shop in challenging economic times, and that’s before you even factor in the daily childcare juggle! But each time a child walks into ChocoLit for a book recommendation, or pops in to tell us how much they enjoyed their new book, it makes it all worthwhile. We value each and every interaction with our wonderful customers, many of whom I now regard as friends. I am delighted to be able to offer retail experience and training to my staff and look forward to building a bigger, stronger team so that we can help even more children discover the joy of reading. And the best thing thing of all is that we already feel like an integral part of the community, regularly hosting Storytimes and Readalouds for local schools and nurseries.

A Force for Good

The biggest and most effective employment provider in the UK is the private sector. By creating and providing jobs which bring people out of poverty, offering training to help people fulfil their potential, and funding public sector jobs by paying taxes, businesses offer an economic and social infrastructure for the country and help reduce poverty. Download our latest research factbook that makes the case for business as a force for good.
A breakfast with two successful business men, discussing resilience and leadership for CEOs.
Following the Easter break, the Jobs Foundation sprung back into action with a visit to Hartlepool to interview a score of local businesses and other key stakeholders in this important North East seaside town.
March has been another action-packed month at the Jobs Foundation, as we continue building and growing the charity.

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