Our Mission

The Jobs Foundation is a registered charity (1202928) that champions the role of business as a force for good:

Creating jobs

Jobs are essential to lift people out of poverty. Businesses directly provide three in four jobs and also fund jobs in the public sector.

Providing training

Business is one of the largest training providers. Offering training means businesses help people fulfil their potential.

Funding Public Services

Through taxation businesses fund public services, including education, healthcare, and social services.

We seek to ensure Britain is a place where businesses can flourish so they continue to be an effective tool for alleviating poverty and unemployment.

To help us achieve this, we are building a broad coalition of business leaders across the country who share our mission.

A successful society requires successful businesses.

People are the magic ingredient of all organisations and we owe our success for over 60 years to our people. My family business provides many hundreds of jobs in this town and my education trust sponsors our local schools. It’s our responsibility as business leaders to secure good skills and long-term jobs for the benefit of the company, the community and the economy.

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