Business is fundamentally about people. Here we collate the stories of people who have had their lives improved through their jobs and the employers who see business as a force for good.

Share your stories with us, and tell us how your business has helped employees and the local community.

Work takes up a lot of time, time is personal, and so your work has to be personal to you.



We need to make room to take a chance on people. I like working with people who want to serve; who are not self-serving. I admire people who train people and watch them fly, without any sense of envy or resentment.



Working and learning means I can afford to go on holiday with my family and also with my friends, buy my own car and treat my loved ones with gifts.


Logistics Co-ordinator, PG Paper

I think I get my work ethic from my dad. He died when I was eleven years old. He was an engineer and had his own business. He showed me how important family is, and he really enjoyed what he did. He was a worker and I can’t imagine not working.


QHSE Manager

I’m very driven and I love to work. I want to go on to be a top designer and industry professional, and hopefully one day have the opportunity to mentor people who were once in my position.


Digital Creative Executive

I always knew I wanted to set up my own company. My friend and I had been talking about it for years. We had been working in fintech and banking in various places, getting lots of experience, and then Christmas 2019 we thought let’s do it.


Founder, fintech company

After rehab, I wanted to build a different life. I was offered an apprenticeship in an IT company, even though I had never even sent an email before. My boss showed that he trusted me and gradually I began to learn.


Head of Service, IT

I’ve always wanted to know why. Why things happen. How things work. When I was a child, I had a toy with a little prism on it and when I held it up to the light it would glow.


Research & Development Manager

Over the years, we have employed all sorts of people and helped them learn skills, both in terms of IT and technical skills and also crucial habits like timekeeping and working well with other people.


Founder, IT company

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