Advisory Council member Judith Donovan CBE has written in the Yorkshire Post...

We were delighted to see our Advisory Council member Judith Donovan CBE write an op-ed in the Yorkshire Post last week. Judith is a successful entrepreneur who founded her own marketing agency in 1982 which went on to record over £12.5m in revenues and a staff body of 50, before selling it. She’s been a huge force in her community, getting involved in numerous projects, including as a Trustee of the Science Museum Group, a Trustee of the Ripon Cathedral Development Trust, and a Trustee of the National Army Museum.

In the Yorkshire Post she wrote about her experiences running a business and how people were often at the centre of an organisation’s success – “It’s important that we celebrate the people who make our businesses work, and join together to share expertise about how best to support people who are vulnerable and find it difficult to secure employment”.

She also spoke of the importance of a job, not just for one’s financial wellbeing, but physical and mental health too – “In my experience, having a productive and meaningful job helps Yorkshire folk to learn and develop their skills, afford a better standard of living, spend time with people from different walks of life, and have a consistent income and schedule which helps with mental health and wellbeing”.

She ends her article saying “A successful society needs successful businesses”. Well we could not agree more.

Read all of Judith’s article here.