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Our mission

Our Business Council will connect and encourage local businesses working in their communities to help people most in need, and show that business is a force for good.

Who is membership for?

We will bring together a coalition of business leaders and entrepreneurs across the country who believe that business plays a vital role in society by creating jobs, providing training and paying for our public services.

What will membership do?

Our Business Council will provide your business with the tools and practical support to find and train people in poverty within your community; connecting you into a movement of business leaders, like yourself, who share this mission.

Join our Business Council and be part of the journey.

1. Join our Business Council: If you share our belief that business is a force for good, and wish to do more to help people in need, join our national coalition of business leaders and entrepreneurs as part of our Business Council.

2. Attend a Regional Council event: As we grow, we will assign people to a Regional Council, and begin putting on events across the country. We want to learn from you, and ensure our approach is tailored to the needs of local communities.

3. Attend an event for your sector: We also want to ensure that our events are relevant to different sectors of the business community. Best practice for retailers might work less well for manufacturers.

6. A positive case for business: Working with business leaders and entrepreneurs, we want to help people in disadvantaged circumstances, share these stories online and in the media, and use that coverage to recruit even more people to our Business Council. 

5. Demonstrating success: In our annual report and on our website, the Jobs Foundation will demonstrate using case studies and data how our Business Council members have helped reduce poverty and unemployment in their local areas.

4. Learn from the best: Once we have identified best practice across the country and in specific sectors, we will provide businesses with both the tools and practical support to do even more to alleviate poverty and unemployment in their local communities.

Our Journey

We would like to hear from you, to help us hone and improve the practical side of our work. Share your stories with us. Tell us how your business has helped employees and the local community. We know many businesses already do this fantastic work in a range of ways and we want to learn from you.

The Jobs Foundation does not believe in a one size fits all, top-down approach to helping those in poverty. As such, we will spend 2023/24 looking for companies that have excelled at helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds, so other companies can learn from this best practice. This will help us to refine our model and inspire others. We will also study specific regional needs, so we can prioritise areas most in need and offer targeted support.

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Be part of our movement to champion and support businesses in their work to help people most in need.

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