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After having grown up in west London, I went to university in Sheffield, studying bioengineering. I went down to Cambridge for my “year in industry”, working for a start-up company there.


Founder, Tech company

Back in 2011, the riots were still fresh in the mind, and my peers and I that had come from challenging upbringings ourselves wanted to do something to disrupt the cycle.


Coach Core Foundation

Over the years, we have employed all sorts of people and helped them learn skills, both in terms of IT and technical skills and also crucial habits like timekeeping and working well with other people.


Founder, IT company

It’s not an easy job opening up a shop in challenging economic times, and that’s before you even factor in the daily childcare juggle! But each time a child walks into ChocoLit for a book recommendation, or pops in to tell us how much they enjoyed their new book, it makes it all worthwhile. We value each and every interaction with our wonderful customers, many of whom I now regard as friends. I am delighted to be able to offer retail experience and training to my staff and look forward to building a bigger, stronger team so that we can help even more children discover the joy of reading. And the best thing thing of all is that we already feel like an integral part of the community, regularly hosting Storytimes and Readalouds for local schools and nurseries.

A Force for Good

The biggest and most effective employment provider in the UK is the private sector. By creating and providing jobs which bring people out of poverty, offering training to help people fulfil their potential, and funding public sector jobs by paying taxes, businesses offer an economic and social infrastructure for the country and help reduce poverty. Download our latest research factbook that makes the case for business as a force for good.
The Jobs Foundation has been steaming ahead this month with two key articles detailing the work of the Jobs Foundation.
“The leading tech consultancies in the UK are generally in Cambridge. But we didn’t want to live in Cambridge. We wanted instead to become like a Cambridge consultancy of the north. We felt the possibility for growth was big in this part of the world, where we can give local engineers a great start to their careers.”
On the morning of January 31st, 2024, the Jobs Foundation hosted the first of our monthly breakfasts. We had two fantastic guest speakers in Lord Mendelsohn, a former business spokesperson for Labour in the House of Lords, and Lord Harrington, a Conservative Peer who was the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Business and Industry under Theresa May.

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