Nestwork is a Loughborough based company built around helping students secure jobs through peer-to-peer learning and AI tools.

I started it in December 2021 with my three co-founders, Flynn Duggan, Pobor Eruesegbefe and Som E-Agwuegbo.

Being university students ourselves, we saw how often it is that young people don’t get past the first stage of a job application. We felt that having a service that was affordable and easy to use to help people either get on the employment ladder or to obtain better, higher paid employment was filling a much-needed gap. We officially launched the company in September 2023.

Our CV assistant analyses job descriptions and then looks at your CV in order to identify missing skills. It then gives you actionable recommendations to improve your offer to potential employers. We have a Match tool where you simply describe your ideal job in a sentence, from which we’ll match you with the most suitable roles that you can swipe through.

We also offer Behind-The-Offer articles which provide step-by-step breakdowns of how other students and graduates succeeded in their applications to different companies and roles. Each BTO is highly specific and provides you with tailored insights. We have 100+ Behind-the-Offer posts from top companies across a range of industries, with new posts being added frequently.

Our Inside-the-Offer content can help you discover what it’s really like to work in a specific job and ask questions directly to current employees, research for applications, make confident career decisions, or connect with employees to learn about a company.

Our goal is to help people find the job they want and hopefully transform their lives. A job is so vital to people’s sense of self and worth, beyond simply the importance of a pay packet. We’re hoping to build a successful company and change a lot of people’s lives for the better along the way.